Stage 3 Talent


What is the Third Stage?

Our company specializes in executing the three stages of creating learning opportunities:

Stage 1

This is the educational stage, whether it’s higher education or alternative credentials such as apprenticeships or bootcamps.

Stage 2

Here professionals gain initial experience and discover who they are professionally as well as identify their strengths and weaknesses.   

It’s a formative time for professionals and is important in shaping their paths forward. 

Stage 3

The bulk of one’s career is spent in stage 3.  Here professionals take the reins and proactively seek knowledge, experience, and opportunity to get ahead and stay relevant. 

Professionals during this stage are expected to grow beyond the basics and participate in technical decisions as well as leadership initiatives, community involvement, and mentoring opportunities. 

Our Team

Eric Wise

Cofounder and CEO

Eric has a strong history of entrepreneurial success in the technical education space.  In 2013, he founded The Software Guild, the first coding bootcamp in Ohio and one of the first Java and .NET bootcamps in the world.  His second venture, DriveIT, was also acquired and his team closed and delivered on training at scale with Fortune 500 companies.   

Corbin March

Principal Consultant / Instructor

Corbin is a technical educator, software developer, and forever-student. He loves to build, improve, teach, learn, and discuss software. His enterprise credentials include a global multi-tenant commerce platform for SAP and a real-time risk analysis system for an international hedge fund. Today, he is motivated by “Eureka!” moments he shares with his learners.

Randall Clapper

Principal Consultant / Instructor

Randall began his career as a professional software developer in 2005. During this time, he served as a programmer, lead and mentor. Randall has the ability to create flexible solutions for complex technical problems, drawing on his experience in the warehouse, e-commerce, health care and payroll software industries. Randall is passionate about those interested in learning and is always willing to share his knowledge about development practices and processes, breaking them down in a visual or hands-on format. Randall’s easygoing attitude and approach allow others to feel relaxed and ready to take on the next challenge.

Shelby Carpenter

Operations Manager

Shelby has a diverse background in technology and administration. She is passionate about streamlining processes to make internal and client operations more efficient and takes pride in her ability to quickly shift gears, adapt and multi-task.  Shelby holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Process Engineering from University of South Carolina – Aiken. In her free time, she enjoys Crossfit, playing video games and spending time with her dog, Rose.

Jeff Sobieraj

Cofounder and VP, Business Development

Jeff has nearly 20 years of enterprise level business development experience spanning the technology and education fields. Prior to joining Stage 3 Talent he worked with Eric at DriveIT as a sales leader until the firm’s acquisition. He also has more than 4 years of experience in front of the classroom as an instructor.

Sarah Dutkiewicz

Principal Consultant / Instructor

Sarah has been in tech over 20 years in a variety of roles from development to server administration to data professional. An experienced mentor, she uses her dynamic background when working with both technical and non-technical teams to bridge communication gaps and help them grow. Her current professional passion is showing others how to work with their data efficiently.

Katy Bright

Director, Marketing

Katy is a marketing strategist with a decade of experience in a variety of fields such as communications, inbound marketing, lead generation, project and account management, content creation, website management, event planning, PR, recruiting and talent development. She is passionate about crafting and executing compelling integrated campaigns designed to attract and nurture new leads, as well as developing engaging content. Katy has studied sales and marketing management, health services administration and earned a Master’s of Science in Organizational Leadership from Southern New Hampshire University.