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Why Are IT Training Bootcamps so Expensive?

Accelerated employee training bootcamps for IT skills development represent one of the most affordable solutions to the IT talent shortage that most organizations face. Although these programs offer a faster, less expensive alternative to higher education, the average price is still roughly $13,584 per student. Due to a gap in alternatives, some organizations have started […]

Top 5 In-Demand IT Skills To Sharpen Your Company’s Competitive Edge

As the pace of change in IT skills demand continues to accelerate, sophisticated software and technical knowledge will also continue to advance into traditionally “non-IT” roles. This “migration” of IT skills creates a number of challenges for organizations and IT directors alike. First, technical literacy has become a roadblock for digital transformation initiatives. Organizations increasingly […]

The Future of Corporate IT Training Programs

Organizations already struggled to keep pace with large-scale shifts in workplace automation, machine learning, and advanced analytics before the pandemic (hence the steady increase in coding bootcamps and other IT training program solutions between 2018 and today). As the COVID-19 dust settles on corporate America, recent research by McKinsey & Company found that the gap […]