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What’s the Fuss Over Colorado’s New Equal Pay for Equal Work Act?

On January 1, 2021, Colorado’s new Equal Pay for Equal Work Act went into effect, requiring all entities with at least one employee in Colorado to provide formal notice of “promotional opportunities” and disclose pay rates or ranges in job postings for jobs that will be or could be worked in Colorado (including remote openings). […]

The Data Science Skills Every Organization Needs in 2021

Data science involves the use of complex algorithms to extract, organize, and synthesize big data for the purpose of answering difficult questions and driving intricate strategies. With the right data science skills in place, your organization can leverage numerous competitive advantages, including: Better, faster decision-making capabilities Real-time trend tracking Greater operational visibility Process improvement and […]

Can My Company Afford a Training And Employee Development Program?

Most organizations today face a shortage of IT skills that are critical to digital transformation and business growth. That means most organizations are also actively searching for the most cost-effective solution to shore up on skills and capitalize on adapting faster than competitors. In pursuit of this endeavor, leaders have two basic options: Hire external […]

How IT Upskilling Improves Mental Health

According to the Mental Health Index: U.S. Worker Edition, 70% of workers’ brain capacity was impaired to some degree by stress prior to the pandemic. More than a year later, new findings show incremental improvements, but the American Psychological Association (APA) issued a stark warning after their post-COVID survey: “We are facing a national mental […]