[ATLANTA, August 5, 2021] — Last month, Stage 3 Talent completed its inaugural data professional cohort with one of the top STEM graduate training and placement programs in the United States. Upon completion, the cohort resulted in 100% job placement for participants, proving both the quality and efficacy of S3T’s unique approach to curriculum development and instructional design for technical training.

Regardless of industry or vertical, data skills have become essential for virtually every role within an organization. To address the increasing demand for data-skilled talent, S3T partnered with the STEM graduate training and placement program to design a curriculum for data literacy that targets both technical and non-technical roles. The resulting cohort builds a foundation in data literacy and equips participants with the job-ready skills to work effectively with data professionals.

“Very soon, data literacy will be a non-negotiable skill for enterprise roles, regardless of the department, “ said Eric Wise, Founder, and CEO of Stage 3 Talent. “Considering how difficult it is to find data-skilled professionals in today’s job market, the most progressive organizations are preparing for future talent demands by shouldering the responsibility of technical education and building skills training academies to cultivate talent from within.”

In addition to covering all data literacy basics, S3T’s professional data program supports data enablement by focusing on querying, analysis, and visualization of data using languages like SQL and tools such as PowerBI and Tableau. In doing so, employees across all business units gain the necessary skills and experience to analyze databases and extract valuable insights after IT teams store, secure, and make data available. The learning experience also includes more advanced technical skills development in languages such as Python and the utilization of common tools and frameworks for ETL, data cleansing, and machine learning.

Looking ahead, S3T will continue to evolve the unique learning experiences they deliver by including even more self-paced options, hands-on labs, and mentorship. More specifically, S3T is expanding delivery formats to include a responsive learning experience unlike any other. Once completed, they hope to enable participants to advance through a program at their own pace while ensuring that all learners have the support and resources needed to be successful.

About Stage 3 Talent

S3T specializes in content creation, instructional design, and the delivery of technical training curricula for upskilling and reskilling employees. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, their team of education experts studies the current technical environment and reverse-engineers a training solution that delivers specific learning outcomes. As a result, organizations can quickly and effectively develop job-ready skills to prepare employees for specialized roles in software development, data analytics, data engineering, and cloud computing.

To learn more about advancing data competencies in your organization, contact S3T at contactus@stage3talent.com.

[ATLANTA, April 12, 2021]— Stage 3 Talent is a team of software developers, teachers, and instructional design professionals founded by the same person who initiated one of the first-ever full-time IT skills training bootcamps in the world. In Q1 of 2021, the company underwent significant rebranding in response to seismic shifts in the talent market, directly resulting from the global pandemic. The growing community of S3T followers can expect to see:

  • A bold new website featuring dynamic graphics, fresh content, and a state-of-the-art UX/UI experience—all designed to better reflect the company’s evolving mission and values.
  • The debut of a new blog and resource center, featuring exclusive interviews and expert insights from founders of bootcamp-style training for rapid IT upskilling, as well as data-packed case studies and compelling articles on the latest industry trends.
  • An expanded portfolio of IT skills training solutions designed to address new and emerging challenges faced by IT directors and talent directors in charge of employee learning and development programming.

As veterans of the talent war, we recognized right away that mounting pressures to digitize in early 2020 would become a benchmark indicating the point of no return for commercial operations,” said Eric Wise, Co-Founder and CEO of Stage 3 Talent. “Already, enterprises needed better solutions for training IT skills and developing their workforces for the future of business. Overnight, that need became dire.”

Without access to a reserve of skilled IT professionals, many organizations will struggle to evolve in critical areas, including data science and analytics. To level up talent, S3T offers a forward-thinking approach to curriculum development. Their flexible approach enables organizations to create, pilot, and adapt curricula on-demand to meet constant changes in technology. Under the guidance of some of the most experienced IT education professionals in the industry, organizations that work with S3T assume far less risk and financial burden compared to traditional curriculum development approaches while gaining greater access to expertise, resources, learning technology, and administrative support.

Visit the new S3T website at https://stage3talent.com/ to learn more about their trifecta solution to IT skills training and employee development. Or, contact the sales team at contactus@stage3talent.com to discuss available solutions for your training needs.