Stage 3 Talent


An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest

Whether you’re upskilling your employees or arming for your customers and partners for success, Stage 3 Talent can help you build the right learning environment.

Our Expertise Can Help You:

Deliver a Customer University

Turn learning into a revenue driver. Stage 3 can help you unlock the power of your internal experts to teach your customers how to stay loyal and your partners how to grow with externally focused learning resources.

Build an In-House Competency

Learning is fundamental, and that is especially true for the bottom line. Closing the skills gap is key to staying ahead, and Stage 3’s experts can help you develop the internal expertise necessary to build and deploy the training programs you need to stay competitive.

Reduce Costs

Which capabilities make the most sense to bring in house? Where are you better off leveraging an external partner? Our team has been there. Bringing the right programs in house can reduce costs by more than 60%. We can help you identify and seize those opportunities.

Teach the Teacher

Stage 3 Talent can help you build the capabilities you need. Whether coaching and developing your existing experts to develop content or helping you hire and train the instructors you need, we’re here to help.

Learn Smarter

Learning isn’t just confined to the classroom. Technology makes it easier than ever to deliver learning in flexible and innovative ways. Work with our team to adapt your content to new modalities, deploy new tools and reach your goals faster.

Areas of Focus

Where Stage 3 Talent can make the most impact is for those organizations that see competitive advantage in learning.  Having a conversation with our team would make sense if your organization has the following goals:

  • Reduce the cost of existing training solutions by developing internal expertise.
  • Drive revenue and profitability by focusing on customer and partner education.
  • Close the skills gap with programs that will allow employees to flexibly upskill at scale.

Some of the solutions our team has helped other organizations develop include:

External Customer and Partner Learning

The rise of the customer success function has proven that companies who know how to teach their customers well see higher retention and upsell rates, while those who sell through partners see increased mindshare and sales.

Internal Reskilling and Upskilling

As technology continues to accelerate the pace of change in nearly every profession, building programs to ensure employees are learning the most current skills is key to retention and profitability.

New Talent Development

Hiring junior level talent creates a perfect opportunity for skills development at scale. Creating programs to teach essential skills to new employees will increase retention, improve output and create a culture that prioritizes learning.

Our Offerings

Technology professionals are generally not shy about their frustrations with recruiters, and while there are many quality recruiters out there, Stage 3 Talent draws a bright line between our career managers and stereotypical recruiters. 

Strategic Advising

  • Understand the outcomes you want to achieve.
  • Take inventory of the experts, skills and tools you have
  • Outline the investments and effort necessary to reach your goals
  • Evaluate the landscape in front of you and choose the best path

Tools Recommendations

  • Inventory the tools necessary to develop, deliver and maintain your content
  • Optimize spend with the right mix of services, hosted and in house capabilities.
  • Administrative support to right size resources.

Content and Design Consulting

  • Take your subject matter experts through our backwards-design process
  • Identify micro-learning opportunities and build course frameworks
  • Develop plans for delivery; online, offline, in-person or blended modalities

Turn-Key Program Development

  • Scale your investment to control risk with a modular solution
  • Lower risk with a fully managed program or take components in house to maximize efficiency.
  • Take full ownership of programs at any time.

Ready to elevate your business?