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Online Curriculum

Is your content ready for the
online revolution?

Online education is nothing new.  But taking an offline program online isn’t the same thing as designing an online experience from scratch, and multi-modal programs present an even greater challenge. 

The truth is that students expect the same level of quality and desire the same outcomes regardless of the modality, but a great instructor in a classroom setting doesn’t just put up a camera and get the same results.  

Developing content that can be done online and offline is a challenging task, and without the right expertise, tools and instructor know-how online training can quickly become a negative experience.

Stage 3 Talent’s team of designers, instructors and experts have been creating effective online programs for nearly a decade, and can show your team how to take programs virtual while still producing great outcomes. 

Go Online without Sacrificing Outcomes

Instructional Designers who can help you retool offline content for an online modailty.

Access to the right tools to help create, record and edit professional-quality lessons and content

An experienced team of learning management system administrators and designers.

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