At Stage 3 Talent, we create programs to reskill and upskill new and incumbent workers for careers in the tech industry. We are democratizing education by delivering content and expertise to enterprises, non-profits, education, and governments so they can deliver their own accelerated learning programs.

Our programs use experiential learning techniques to deliver practical, outcomes-based education. We are passionate about our quality not only in outcomes but in completion rates as well.

Our principal consultants are technology professionals who are lifelong learners that enjoy teaching, writing, and storytelling as much as they do slinging code. Our team is driven to inspire and help people achieve the next stage of their careers.

Responsibilities Include:

In our small company, you will wear many hats, but here are the primary responsibilities of the role:

  • You will serve as an instructor for our customers or provide “train the trainer” mentorship to customer staff members.
  • You will work with our top-tier instructional design team and fellow consultants across disciplines to dream up and create content that drives positive learning outcomes in technical disciplines.
  • You will dedicate time to keeping up to date on trends in your area of expertise and helping the team decide when and if to implement new content into the curriculum.
  • You will work with our sales team to help design and customize programs for existing and potential clients.

Your Technical Background

Our team is comprised of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds and a lot of hands-on experience. That experience is a key differentiator between us and other providers. For this role, we are looking for (most of) the following:

  • SQL – Any flavor (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, etc.)
  • NoSQL – Any flavor (Mongo, Couch, etc.)
  • Data Visualization – At least one of Tableau or Power BI
  • Python – Data Science/Engineering focused (Pandas, Numpy, SciKit, etc.)
  • Machine Learning is a big plus

Non-Technical Skills and Attributes

The following skills and attributes will identify you as a good fit for our team:

  • You are a strong writer. Our lessons are delivered in a fun and engaging, colloquial style. You can explain technical concepts in an approachable way, and you love metaphors.
  • You are a lifelong learner. You are excited about technology in general, the pace of change, and you want to have cross-discipline conversations with our team.
  • You work well in a distributed team. We hire professionals regardless of their location. You are comfortable managing your deliverables and reaching out for help when you need it.
  • Your passion for delivering a quality experience is bigger than your ego. We are a feedback-driven organization and part of the journey to creating the best content is making mistakes. On occasion, content needs to be reconstructed. We celebrate this because we continually learn along the way.

About S3T

Stage 3 Talent was founded in February 2020 by a team with experience in the accelerated learning space since 2013, across multiple successful companies. Our team has helped thousands of learners reach their goals and is a trusted partner and advisor across industries.

Despite the global challenges around COVID-19, our business had a banner year in 2020 and more than doubled in size in 2021. We view this role as critical to our ability to service the rapid growth we are experiencing.


S3T is pleased to offer a great benefits package. In 2021 we are paying 100% of the insurance premiums for our medical, vision, and dental offerings.

We also have an unlimited PTO policy. Our focus on hiring experienced, passionate professionals means that we trust our staff to take the time they need when they need it without impacting our customer relationships.