Built to adapt.
Designed to deliver.

From staffing firms and enterprise organizations to bootcamp providers and universities, our flexible solutions allow clients to scale with ease, optimize outcomes, and fast-track ROI. 

  • Drive workforce transformation
  • Enhance current offerings
  • Create new opportunities
  • Accelerate speed to market

Gain access to an expansive library featuring the latest coursework for in-demand technical skills.

Developed by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

With vast industry knowledge and proficiency in Learning Experience Design (LXD).

Mix & Match Content Modules

With an existing curriculum or use as a stand-alone learning experience.


For quality assurance to reflect evolving trends in technology.

Choose a program option that makes learning more economical, agile, and effective.

License a Curriculum

White label ready-made content and deploy new courses independently to balance cost and administrative control.

Deploy Turnkey Solutions

Acquire the content, resources, and support needed to execute all aspects of a technical education program with greater speed and efficacy.

Customize a Program

Work with our design team to configure course modules and address challenges that are unique to your learning environment.

Target specific learning outcomes and utilize new technical skills immediately upon completion.

Customized Pacing & Delivery

Optimize program intensity and format based on the learner’s skill level and environment.

Backward Design

Define desired learning outcomes before building the most effective and efficient pathway to that end.

Instructor Onboarding & Support

Ensure a more uniform and consistent course execution and classroom experience.

Practical Assessments

Incorporate hands-on learning and real-world scenarios to challenge learners and test for deep-level competency.


LMS Setup, Branding, & Hosting
Helpdesk Services/Learner Support
Learner/Instructor Account Set-Up


Dedicated Program Management
Performance Reporting
Learner Remediation
Instructor Onboarding
Strategic Ongoing Consulting

Feature Courses

Data Professional Series

Full-Stack Developer Series

Cloud Developer Series


Reduce total program costs by 47%.

Find out how S3T helped a leading IT staffing firm reduce the cost of their internal upskilling program and achieve a nearly 100% completion rate across Java and Data courses.


Gain The Competitive Advantage in Your Industry.

Leverage 150+ Years of Experience

Scale With Ease

Improve Learning Outcomes

Accelerate Speed to ROI


Minimize overhead. Maximize ROI.

We have the resources, experience, and educational solutions to show you how.