On-demand Experts For In-demand Tech Training

Stage 3 Talent is an elite team of instructional designers, technical writers, software developers, and subject matter experts with the connections, resources, and practical experience to help you execute all aspects of a world-class IT skills training program.

Core Solutions

We provide flexible solutions designed to minimize financial and liability risks, balance cost and control, and make technical education profitable for organizations.

Curriculum Development

Our modular approach to content creation delivers the speed and agility needed to update curriculum and maintain synergy with constant changes in technology.

Flexible Licensing & Ownership

Custom-build and license content to keep costs down or create a pathway to ownership that aligns with business priorities.

Professional Services

Gain access to all the resources, tools, and expertise of a world-class training program without all the risk and liability.


There’s a better way to build training programs.


Reduce Cost-Per-Student

Through resource mapping and financial modeling, we reduce start-up costs and administrative risks, ensuring that the solutions we put into motion deliver the outcome for which they were designed.

Increase Scalability

We build highly-dynamic infrastructures that allow organizations to scale for size, ownership, and outcomes as needs change over time.

Accelerate Speed-To-Market

Our unique curriculum development process allows us to deploy advanced, full-scale training programs 2x faster than traditional solutions.


Focus on your business, we’ll handle the rest

Traditional Solutions

Coordinating multiple vendors to develop and deploy coursework can be risky, complicated, and taxing on limited in-house resources.

  • Traditional Content is usually rigid to appeal to a broad audience.

  • Content lacks ownership flexibility.

  • Delivery of learning is limited by the current technology environment.

  • Adapting curriculum or piloting new programs is slow, expensive, and risky.

  • Traditional technical program materials lag behind the pace of technology changes.

Stage 3 Talent

Stage 3 Talent makes program development easy, accessible, and affordable, allowing organizations to focus on what they do best.

  • Our content has customization options to match your environment.

  • Content can be licensed, owned, or leased-to-own for cost-control balance.

  • Curriculum development leverages a full-scale team of in-house subject matter experts, designers, technical writers, software developers, et al.

  • Delivery can match your needs and fully-integrate with existing LMS or introduce turn-key hosting.

  • Provides extensive instructor onboarding, mentorship, and performance management.

  • Programs are scalable and have dynamic frameworks to facilitate rapid updates, pilots, and deployments.

  • Technical curriculums are continuously updated to always reflect the latest technology.


One Partnership. Limitless Potential.

Program Design

Construct a program framework that’s unique to your technical environment.

Instructor Onboarding

Qualify, coach, and monitor instructor performance.

Learner Assessment

Evaluate, manage and support learners during selection and enrollment.

Ongoing Maintenance

Keep instructors, tools, and curriculum on the cutting edge of technology.


Take Your Program Even Further

Strategic Consulting

Work with experts to overcome operational and process challenges.

Curriculum Update

Teach the latest languages, framework versions, and more.

Surveys & Performance

Survey students and instructors to ensure satisfaction.

Turn-Key Hosting & Support

Deploy with technical and administrative support, including (LMS) integration.


Custom Solutions for Every Industry

Tailor curriculum development and delivery processes for your technical environment.


Build a pathway to your future.

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