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‘Tis the Season… of Learning

When December rolls around, developer communities come together to build advent calendars – ways to share tidbits about what they’re working with throughout December. These communities are all about sharing information. So, we wanted to tell you about them as the gift of community and learning can be super beneficial.

F# Calendar

F# is a functional programming language from Microsoft. The F# calendar has been running since 2010 and has content in English and Japanese.

Sergey Tihon – who writes F# Weekly and is a Microsoft MVP – is the main coordinator for the F# Calendar project.

Check out the 2020 F# calendar at:

C# Advent Calendar

Inspired by the F# calendar, Matt Groves – a blogger and a Microsoft MVP – is the coordinator of the C# Advent Calendar project. To learn more about C#, check out the 2020 C# Advent Calendar at:

Advent of Code

The Advent of Code came out in 2015, founded by Eric Wastl. Eric is behind Vanilla JS, Sadness PHP, and other projects. The Advent of Code is a site of small programming puzzles to challenge all levels of code. Try solving these in a language you know or challenge yourself with a new language. The Advent of Code challenges you to solve problems. You can learn more at:

Festive Tech Calendar

Looking at the list of contributors for the 2020 Festive Tech Calendar, it looks like a lot of community members from various communities throughout the world are coming together to present some fun tech things!

Check out the Festive Tech Calendar at:

Q# Advent Calendar

Q# is Microsoft’s open source language for quantum computing. Started in 2018, the Q# Advent Calendar will showcase the many things you can do in quantum computing and in Q#.

For more details, check out the Q# Advent Calendar at:

JVM Advent

While I haven’t heard anything about a 2020 edition, the Java community did an advent calendar in 2019 for things related to the JVM. Check it out at:

Calendarios en EspaƱol

If you prefer to find Spanish advent calendars, there are some as well. These are what I know about of the Spanish tech calendars so far:


If you’re looking to learn a new language or more about a language that you have been working with, these advent calendars can challenge you and hopefully inspire you. Seasons Learnings!